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   Chaicharoen Inter Print Co., Ltd. (CIP Print) Offset printing, Digital Offset, and Inkjet We accept business card printing, which the printing house sees the importance of customer use. Therefore, we attach importance to the design of business cards to be of quality that represents the customer's identity as much as possible. Business cards are printed with DIGITAL OFFSET, resolution 2400x2400 dpi, sharp in every letter. and cut with a specific business card cutter same size for all leaves

Fast service

with systematic work management so customers don't have to wait long

Delivery all over Thailand

We have a delivery service that we produce all over the country to help our customers' business. as smoothly and quickly as possible

Quality assurance

With our team with more than 20 years of experience, every piece of work High quality and meet the needs of customers as much as possible

High quality

We design prints or print media beautifully and perfectly meet the needs of our customers' business.

    In addition, our printing house also provides advice and consulting services to customers. who want to know the details of various publications which the printing house print invitation card, Get a printed employee handbook. , to print product labels, get printed envelopes, Get printed envelopes, rubber stamps, cut stickers, for business cards printing, for printing tax invoices, get flyer printing, get printed receipt, get printed brochures, receive continuous form printing, Get a printed book, duplicate, print a checkbook. , get printed letterhead, Inkjet vinyl, vinyl labels, and food menu printing. , get a printing service book

Please read

  • Minimum order of 200 prints
  • Not including business card box (10 baht per box)
  • Price per 1 print
  • Printed colors will have a discrepancy of 10%-15%.
  • Special colors cannot be printed, such as shiny gold, shiny silver, reflective colors, etc.
  • Excluding design and delivery costs.
  • Express delivery all over Thailand by Thailand Post and KERRY

Order business card printing

Order a minimum of 200 business cards to print at a price of 1 baht each.

- Printed with DIGITAL OFFSET, resolution 2400x2400 dpi, sharp in every letter
- Cut with a dedicated business card cutter same size for all leaves


250g glossy art card paper

print 1 page
200 tickets 1 baht each
1000 tickets 0.9 baht each

print 2 pages
200 tickets, 2 baht each
1000 cards, 1.8 baht each


PET plastic

print 1 page
200 tickets, 4.5 baht each
1000 cards, 4 baht each

print 2 pages
200 tickets, 5.5 baht each
1000 cards, 5 baht each


- Film lamination, clear laminate or matt (2-sided lamination) 1.5 baht each

- Cut 4 corners, rounded corners, 1 baht each


ขั้นตอนการสั่งพิมพ์นามบัตร *

1. Send files to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Please specify the title of the topic. order business card
- Specify the type of paper or PET plastic
- Minimum number of prints (sheets) is 200 or more.
- Name, address for the printing company to deliver the work, a phone number to contact you back conveniently
- Make a business card size 90 x 55 mm.
- In the case of the work with the background color, close to the edge Must make a cut off around 1 mm. or file size 92 x 57 mm.
(Use PDF, AI, PSD or JPG files, use CMYK color mode with Create Outlines already)

** If special size please ask for price **

In the case of the printing company to design Please provide the following details:
- Messages such as name, address, phone number, other text for inserting in a business card
- Color tone of the background, text or send a sample style you like (if any)
- Company/Store logo (using PDF, AI, PSD or JPG files)
(Business card design fee, 150 baht per page, depending on the difficulty-easy **Excluding LOGO design, designed for printing only. file not included)


2. The printing company informs the amount of expenses. and payment channels for customers After receiving the payment, the process will begin immediately.
(Please send proof of payment to Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Line ID : @cipprint only)


3. Design and printing time of business cards
- Design takes about 2-3 days depending on the difficulty.
- Time to print 2-3 days after confirming the print. (The duration depends on the amount and the difficulty - easy of the job as well)
- After sending the work to the customer The printing house will inform the tracking number to the customer in the evening.


line Cipprint thai


Contact customer service

TEL : 02-9090632-3

MOBILE : 084-664-4747

Business cards are used to introduce yourself. for liaison with customers It is also an important representation of the image of the business or organization.


Business cards must be printed on 260 gsm art card paper for strength to prevent creases. Business card printing can be printed on one side or both sides, and there are also special business card printing. For making business cards as well Embossed Business Cards, Gold Stamped Business Cards, Silver Stamped Business Cards, And special color stamping business cards, UV coated business cards, matt coated business cards, glossy business cards, Spot UV coated business cards, etc.